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Fifth Avenue JewellerPublic group · 14 membersJoin Group We will be hosting an event coming up on our Blog Talk Radio Show on Dec 3, 2018 at 7 pm central standard time.  Join the Group so that you will not miss out on anything.  I will also be doing a lot of promotion to increase our membership.  If you would like more information on becoming a Jeweller then please let me know.  Also, make sure to stop by our Google Community  We are also continuing with our 365 Days business challenge on Blog Talk Radio.  So make sure you listen to the show and get started today.

Signing up for Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry

In order to join Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, you can go to my website at You need to click on the join link. Currently, you can get started with your business and get a website like mine for $49. I think that is a small amount for a business that does not have quota's and there is no pressure to sell. It is a business that is up to you. However, for people that join on my website. I will be helping to promote your business by using my blogs, Blogtalk, online and offline marketing. I want you to do the work but I will assist. You will learn and may decide that you can do even more. For those who are really serious about a business, then I would get the showcases that have more Jewelry. The higher paid showcases have more Jewelry. You can take this Jewelry anywhere and sell it immediately and make a profit. You could also use it for display at your home parties. My first sale was to a waitress at a restaurant back in 2011 and m…

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They are smart, glamorous and oh-so Fifth Avenue Collection! One can be yours for only     $10.00 with a $100.00 minimum purchase.

Welcome to Fifth Avenue Collection as an Independent Jeweler Please sign up and pick out your jewelry kit (showcase package) so that you can’t start your business today.The showcase packages are 1.Showcase Package 17 Pieces BU-SHCS-00-17 USD $199.00 2.Showcase Package 20 Pieces BU-SHCS-20-00 USD $500.00 3.Showcase Package 35 Pieces BU-SHCS-35-00 USD $1,070.00 4.Showcase Package 55 Pieces BU-SHCS-55-00 USD $1,570.00 5.Showcase Package 85 Pieces BU-SHCS-85-00 USD $2,570.00
You fill out your Jeweler form which is attached to this email and place what showcase you would like to order.The more Jewelry you have, the more money you will make.You get 60% of all sales.You can sell your Jewelry anywhere.You can host a party and receive money and you can sale from your personalized Fifth Avenue Collection website.
As a membe…

Different Ways to Advertise Your Business and Sale Online-Host An Online Party

Different ways to advertise your business and sale online

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Retired Items of Fifth Avenue Collection

One feature of the Fifth Avenue Collection is the items that can still be purchased that have been retired from the line.  You can get discounts and retired items are a great way to stock up on your jewelry collection for customers.  It's sometimes nice to have inventory that makes your display more professional for potential buyers.

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Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry Bread and Butter Business

Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry is my bread and butter business.  If I don't make sales, I have to find out what is failing in my methods.  I have to fix the issue and swing back toward success. Today I am looking for a jazy red dress from Chic Star to wear with my Fifth  Avenue Jewelry.  I  also wanted a nice handbag which I will get from Baghaus. I love Fifth Avenue Collection and it is my home based business. I will always endeavor to show you what you can put together and places to shop to show off your personal swagger.

A Happy Wednesday With A Bag Full Of Magic

I love this bag and so I wanted to share it with my fellow blog readers. A Bag of Magic Description
Espresso leather, shiny silver magnetic domes, smooth drawstring closure and zippered expansion on the front pocket, make for A Bag full Of Magic. Open its main compartment and find handy pockets for your cell phone and sunglasses. Zippered outside pockets on each side and comfortable over-the-shoulder straps instantly transform this stylish handbag to a backpack.I have heard some fellow women ask about watches so I am listing two of my favorites. The first watch is black and it's theme is Shimmer Time and it is perfect for the handbfag Bag Of Magic." The other watch is Swiss Magic. You have to go to Accessories on my site to purchase these items. (I am in Wisconsin) and a blouse that would show off the Swiss Magic watch and I also wanted a handbag. For the handbag I found Fifth Avenue Collections "Cinnamon Girl" (Yess!)See the full gallery on Posterous


I put this outfit together today, starting with the accessories as the foundations and then I built my swanky set around the theme. The jewelry set is a stunning earth tones of divine smoky rounds and a shimmering brushed copper finish enhance this unique design as a touch of the safari’s golden sun burns brightly in the fiery Swarovski topaz center. Earrings with sterling silver hooks or adjustable clips and 16” Neckpiece with 2” extension Purchase African SunsetI put this together with leggings and chiffon blouse that you can get from  I love leggings and this chiffon blouse will go great with the boots, handbag, and the African Sunset jewelry set.  A pair of brown jeans would work great also. See the full gallery on Posterous

Ball Of Fire

Look into your crystal ball and let it predict all the fun and admiring glances that will be in your future when you wear this stunning “Ball of Fire” threaded with a slinky designer chain.  28” neckpiece with 2” extension nickel and lead free.  I would dress this up with a red shirt, black jeans, and half black boots.  If you have that dark grey or black leather jacket, then throw it on if the temperature permits.  Or wear that swanky black dress and pumps and add silver accessories.  Sometimes I will dress my whole outfit around my accessories.  Let's see if I can find some shoes to add to the necklace image and a purse, dress your look around these items.See the full gallery on Posterous