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A Happy Wednesday With A Bag Full Of Magic

I love this bag and so I wanted to share it with my fellow blog readers. A Bag of Magic Description
Espresso leather, shiny silver magnetic domes, smooth drawstring closure and zippered expansion on the front pocket, make for A Bag full Of Magic. Open its main compartment and find handy pockets for your cell phone and sunglasses. Zippered outside pockets on each side and comfortable over-the-shoulder straps instantly transform this stylish handbag to a backpack.I have heard some fellow women ask about watches so I am listing two of my favorites. The first watch is black and it's theme is Shimmer Time and it is perfect for the handbfag Bag Of Magic." The other watch is Swiss Magic. You have to go to Accessories on my site to purchase these items. (I am in Wisconsin) and a blouse that would show off the Swiss Magic watch and I also wanted a handbag. For the handbag I found Fifth Avenue Collections "Cinnamon Girl" (Yess!)See the full gallery on Posterous


I put this outfit together today, starting with the accessories as the foundations and then I built my swanky set around the theme. The jewelry set is a stunning earth tones of divine smoky rounds and a shimmering brushed copper finish enhance this unique design as a touch of the safari’s golden sun burns brightly in the fiery Swarovski topaz center. Earrings with sterling silver hooks or adjustable clips and 16” Neckpiece with 2” extension Purchase African SunsetI put this together with leggings and chiffon blouse that you can get from  I love leggings and this chiffon blouse will go great with the boots, handbag, and the African Sunset jewelry set.  A pair of brown jeans would work great also. See the full gallery on Posterous

Ball Of Fire

Look into your crystal ball and let it predict all the fun and admiring glances that will be in your future when you wear this stunning “Ball of Fire” threaded with a slinky designer chain.  28” neckpiece with 2” extension nickel and lead free.  I would dress this up with a red shirt, black jeans, and half black boots.  If you have that dark grey or black leather jacket, then throw it on if the temperature permits.  Or wear that swanky black dress and pumps and add silver accessories.  Sometimes I will dress my whole outfit around my accessories.  Let's see if I can find some shoes to add to the necklace image and a purse, dress your look around these items.See the full gallery on Posterous

Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry RSS Submission

One thing that I sometimes forget is to submit my rss feeds to lists.  I listed all my rss feeds in notepad and today I will work on submitting.  I have a Fifth Avenue Collection blog so it makes submission very easy.  I will also be submitting to Google, Yahoo, and Digg.  I will continue to work on the design and updates of my website.  I absolutely love being an Independent Jeweller
and the Jewelry that Fifth Avenue Collection designs. One of the best upgrades to my Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry business is signing Up For Credit Card Processing!  It is important to be able to process credit cards to increase your profits.  I don't know how many times a vendor at a trade show stated "I can't process credit cards."  You are losing profits.  I am not going to be in that category and will be using Merchant Warehouse to process all my credit card transactions.

Fifth Avenue Collection Jeweller

I think that my jewelry business with Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry is the best home based business.  I have the option of selling/promoting at trades shows and home parties.  I also love the jewelry and consider myself a walking advertisement when I am wearing Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry.  I also decided to create a blog and facebook page for Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry.  I love fashion, beauty, and more