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Join Fifth Avenue Jewelry


They are smart, glamorous and oh-so Fifth Avenue Collection! One can be yours for only     $10.00 with a $100.00 minimum purchase.

Welcome to Fifth Avenue Collection as an Independent Jeweler Please sign up and pick out your jewelry kit (showcase package) so that you can’t start your business today.The showcase packages are 1.Showcase Package 17 Pieces BU-SHCS-00-17 USD $199.00 2.Showcase Package 20 Pieces BU-SHCS-20-00 USD $500.00 3.Showcase Package 35 Pieces BU-SHCS-35-00 USD $1,070.00 4.Showcase Package 55 Pieces BU-SHCS-55-00 USD $1,570.00 5.Showcase Package 85 Pieces BU-SHCS-85-00 USD $2,570.00
You fill out your Jeweler form which is attached to this email and place what showcase you would like to order.The more Jewelry you have, the more money you will make.You get 60% of all sales.You can sell your Jewelry anywhere.You can host a party and receive money and you can sale from your personalized Fifth Avenue Collection website.
As a membe…

Different Ways to Advertise Your Business and Sale Online-Host An Online Party

Different ways to advertise your business and sale online

MyOnlineParty Host A Party - Contact a Home Party Consultant to place and order or to sell products from companies like Tupperware, Pampered Chef, AVON, Watkins, At Home America, Mia Bella Candles, Partylite Candles, Warm Spirit, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Longaberger Baskets, Home Interiors, Southern Living At Home, Cookie Lee Jewelry, Stampin' Up, Jafra, Purse Party, Aloette Skin Care and more! Work at home and be your own boss!

Work At Home Moms Connecting you to wahm, home party plan, direct sales and work at home resources and information. There's a New Breed of Women Professionals Out There. They are Experienced. They are Talented. They are Motivated.They are women on a mission to redefine their career path. They are! The eDirectory of Home Based Careers is much like a yellow pages directory but much better because it is a dynamic source of continually updated listings. The e-Dire…